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Curug Tonjong in West Java, Indonesia

Enjoyed Curug Tonjong Majalengka, Nature Beautiful, Places Beautiful - For those urban communities that must have been very saturated with everyday activities that sometimes makes you depressed, maybe it would be nice if you indulge for a moment to go to the place where you have not visited before. With traveled mind will be calmer and certainly will be more focused in the face of increasingly severe employment challenges. one of the natural attractions that you should visit as a means of relieving stress as well as leisure holiday filler is Curug Tonjong. Curug is entered into the National Park area of ​​Mount Ciremai offers a landscape of beautiful atmosphere coupled with a purposely built bamboo bridges to enable you and other visitors to be more liberal in soaking up the scenery. This waterfall has yag crystal clear water and not too swift. Decorated rocks that adorns along mountain streams adds to the impression becomes more vivid and beautiful. Cold river water would make any eye wants to feel the coolness. No wonder so many people say that this waterfall is different from the others even though not many people who come to visit because of their ignorance about this place. The following information about Curug Tonjong.

Location Curug Tonjong

Curug Tonjong location of the object is precisely located in the village of Tejah that beada Rajagaluh city districts in the region of Majalengka, West Java.For the location Curug Tonjong access road provided adequate. This is because the structure of adequate road and transportation are easily available, for visitors to this attraction you can travel by public transport department Majalengka towards Rajagaluh, followed by using the services of motorcycle taxis that have tesedia on base motorcycle in the market Rajagaluh trip average can takes about 25 minutes.
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Ticket costs Curug Tonjong

To enter this attraction you will be charged Rp 10,000 per person is included parking the vehicle.
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Amenities Curug Tonjong

Curug Tonjong still do not have the facilities are not sufficient to support as one of the attractions.
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Tourist Attraction Curug Sawer Majalengka, West Java In Indonesia

The beauty of Curug Sawer Majalengka, Places Beautiful - Did you know about the hidden waterfall beautiful sawer that terlatak in Majalengka? Curug that enter into the territory of Majalengka, West Java is one of the attractions are still undeveloped and only a few people who know this place. Given a location still to be reached on foot will certainly be very exciting especially for those of you who have an adventurous spirit. Curug is still beautiful and unspoiled beauty of the development of this promising natural scenery certainly will not be less interesting to other tourist attractions. It is because of this waterfall has the hallmark of which is still very natural, so if you are in the neighborhood Curug Sawer you will feel the natural atmosphere sesunggahnya. This waterfall is very suitable as a medium for those who want tranquility and closer to nature. The following will explain more about Curug Sawer hidden, and the data that we can get is as follows: 
Location Curug Sawer MajalengkaAir tejun or Curug Sawer is located kampong Apuy Majalengka, precisely located in the village of Argomukti are included in the districts of Argapura Majalengka in West Java Province
Nature waterfall Tonjong West Java, Indonesia
Travel Beautiful Places in Majalengka, West Java In Indonesia
Transportation Curug Sawer Majalengka 
The location where this tour is about 10km east of the city Maja. Can be reached by public transportation from the terminal Maja Argalingga leading into the village and can be reached by motorcycle taxi service that has been provided around the terminal. But for those of you who have their own vehicle would be more practical to get to the location. Arriving in the location you have walked the path amid the plantation of vegetables and pulses. Cost to enter the waterfall is not charged this is due to the distance and access is still difficult to be reached.Amenities Curug Sawer MajalengkaBecause the road is still unstable and not the construction of adequate facilities, the waterfall is still not classified in the attraction that has dikelolaseperti many other attractions.Hopefully this article on the hidden Curug Sawer can be useful and can provide inspiration tourist sites you will visit when vacation time has arrived. Ohy yes there is a wide waterfall with the same name with Curug Sawer in Majalengka, namely Curug Sawer Cililin, where mountains, offerings, Ciomas, Cianjur, Ciapus, Pandeglang, arrowroot. Do not be mistaken ya .. In addition to Curug Sawer Majalengka travel you can also visit other tourist attractions, for example Majalengka Curug Majalengka Indah Jaya Muara

Curug Muara Jaya Majalengka, West Java In Indonesia

Curug Muara Jaya Majalengka Beautiful, Beautiful Places - Curug is the designation for a waterfall by most people in West Java. West Java is famous for its natural lush with natural forests are still awake. Jawa Barat Being one tourist destination visited by tourists. They came to visit the mountains because nature wants to feel the coolness of fresh air. One that can be presented on the tour besides the beautiful scenery is the beauty of the waterfall. One that you can visit along with friends or relatives Jaya Muara waterfall is located in Majalengka. This waterfall is very lovely and beautiful, so you will feel the atmosphere and landscape of different sensation than others. Here is the complete data about Curug Muara Jaya that we can muster as follows:

Location Curug Muara Jaya Majalengka:
Air tejun or Curug Muara Jaya is located kampong Apuy Majalengka, precisely located in the village of Argomukti included in Majalengka Argapura districts of West Java Province.

Tourist Attraction Curug Sawer Majalengka, West Java In Indonesia

Curug Transport Muara Jaya Majalengka
Pera for visitors who want to visit tourist attractions can be reached by motor vehicle or by private car yag can sign near the site. However, if you depart from the town line Majalengka you should stop by Maja in the small town center of vegetables in Majalengka, from the city of Maja continued towards the village of Arga Lingga you should be careful because the road is narrow and difficult to pass by a 4-wheel, if passed, the road uphill and winding.
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Amenities Curug Muara Jaya Majalengka 
Has provided stalls that provide food and drink around the tourist sites, but it also provided are Cammping Ground, parking lot, restrooms, prayer room and a playground area for children. 
Cost Curug Muara Jaya MajalengkaEntering this tourist area you will be charged an entrance fee of Rp 6,000 per person. Parking for RP.2000 for motor vehicles and Rp 3500 if you want to camp near a waterfallGood information about Curug Muara Jaya Majalengaka can add a reference to your family getaways. Tips you should prepare your vehicle as possible so that your family trip fun and do not forget to prepare your stamina given the mountain road is uphill and winding. If you are from out of town would be a good idea to prepare a map to Curug Muara Jaya Majalengka. That is all and thank you.

Tea Gardens Cipasung Majalengka, West Java In Indonesia

Pick Tea at Tea Gardens Cipasung Majalengka, Beautiful Places - you like tea? If yes, this name certainly no stranger in your mind, "Tea Gardens Cipasung". As you know, this is the tea gardens were then planted tea slopes are located in areas Cipasung, Majalengka, West Java. However, for a deeper knowing these places, I will provide through this article about the Joy of Tea Picking at Tea Gardens Cipasung:

  1. The natural beauty of Tea Gardens Cipasung Majalengka: You can enjoy the tea garden that you will not surrounded in just 1 day only because this tea garden covers 58 hectares. In addition, you can also visit the tea leaf drying plant located in the area there, while looking for new knowledge about the tea leaves. During the trip, you are guaranteed not to be too late for the right-left there is a green that slopes up and down. The air was too cool so if you sit there might be drowsy and fell asleep. However, it is advisable if you want to go there, align your vacation moment at harvest tea, as you can see farmers picking tea straight from the tree. 
  2. Location dan Transportasi Cipasung Majalengka Tea Gardens: Located in the village Cipasung, District Lemahsugih (+59 Km from Majalengka). There is no public transport to get there directly, so you are encouraged to bring a two-wheeler because natural conditions up and down. Your bike can be deposited in small stalls around the garden.
  3. Rates Cipasung Majalengka Tea Garden: The entrance fee is relatively cheap area, only Rp. 5.000 / person. Transportation problems, depending on what you bring the vehicle.

So first, Fun gleaning information about Tea at Tea Gardens Cipasung I present to you. May be useful.

Travel Beautiful Places in Majalengka, West Java In Indonesia

Travel Majalengka most visited natural attractions ranging from travel to the artificial, of a wide range of tourist attractions was found to have unique characteristics compared to other tourist attractions.

Majalengka is a city in West Java, which borders the city of Cirebon, Kuningan, Ciamis, Tasikmalaya and Sumedang turned out to have a beautiful nature so that a potential opportunities for tourism in the city, it could not tourists often come to Majalengka to enjoy the beauty that is in place, not a few sites are still relatively new and not yet widely known by someone, this time I will try to discuss some of the tourist attractions which are visited by tourists, both domestic and abroad, the list is intended also for those of you who want to travel to Majalengka in order to choose a place where you will be visiting.

List Of Places Majalengka :
Almost all cities in Indonesia, especially in Java has a tea garden, it was mostly the tea garden is a Dutch heritage, first when colonization occurs Dutch plant thousands of hectares of tea gardens for export to other countries, as a result the government now began to manage the tea garden is one of them garden tea in Majalengka, in addition to planting and cultivation of tea, this place as a tourist Majalengka most the visit, many beautiful spots in tea gardens Cipasung.  

In the village of Argamukti District of Argapura there is a waterfall that is not widely known by the public, namely a waterfall Muara Jaya or the surrounding community often refer to Curug Muara Jaya, travel Majalengka this one was not visited by the public, the beauty of the waterfall is spectacular with a height of 73m, in addition to the place is often used in ceremonies by local people which is often referred to pareresan usually performed after the harvest. Entrance to this place quite cheap only Rp. 4000 only.
  • Curug Sawer

Waterfall in Majalengka next is Curug Sawer, this waterfall is one of the tourist Majalengka which turned out to be a favorite for a holiday locals, the beauty of the waterfall that you can see when it first entered the natural landscape around it, Curug Sawer is located in the village of Argalingga District of Argapura.
  • Goa Lalay
Goa Lalay is one of the tourist attractions in Majalengka which has outstanding beauty, the beauty of Goa Lalay will not be found in other areas, the Indonesian people often call it the Green Canyon Majalengka, to get to this place you need to be more careful because there are ravines and the slippery road.
  • Telaga Herang
The next tour is Lake Herang Majalengka which is a lake that is on the border of three village namely Jerukleueut, padaherang and lengkongkulon, this lake was formed from the spring housed in the hollow ground so as to form a lake. here you can enjoy the beauty of the lake and can climb aboard a duck with your family.
  • Bukit Alam Hejo
Bukit Alam Hejo is a favorite tourist spot for people Majalengka with a uniqueness that can not be obtained elsewhere, Hill Nature Hejo Ciremai there on the mountain slopes, where this tour has a concept of nature, as well as education for children with a variety of culinary specialties Majalengka