Thursday, December 1, 2016

Protected Forest Patilasan Prabu Siliwangi

Protected Forest Patilasan Prabu Siliwangi

Protected Forest Patilasan Prabu Siliwangi is located in the Village Pajajar, District Rajagaluh with broad reach +3 Ha built in 2000/2001. The distance from the center to the location of Attraction Majalengka + 21km. Patilasan Prabu Siliwangi in ancient times was a resting place of King Siliwangi and reportedly said according to the surrounding community is a place of the disappearance of King Siliwangi. In this tourist area, there are two talaga (Talaga Talaga Gold and board) which is considered holy water by the surrounding community and visitors, so before performing rituals in the Patilasan visitors must clean bathroom in the two talaga. Besides talaga and Patilasan Prabu Siliwangi, this tourist region there is also a relic of bamboo trees soekarno that from year to year amounted to 5 pieces (growing 1 dead 1) as well as the swimming baths for visitors. Besides the natural beauty, visitors can see wild monkeys around this area and a variety of rare species of fish found in pond Cikahuripan. Also in this area there outbound arena (camping), the pool and there Cipadung directly adjacent to the Village Sindang Indrakila Subdistrict.

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