Thursday, December 1, 2016


In Majalengka there are dozens of soy sauce factory various brand of cottage industry, which is growing since many years ago, just a pity because a variety of factors, especially the prices of basic materials maker of soy sauce which are expensive and the protection of local products which overlooked the government, now factories ketchup in Majalengka can be counted on the fingers. Many are out of business, and which survive today only that already have names like, Maja Menjangan, Triangle Cap, Cap Sun (Tjoen Teng) and Cap Sate (Anton) and also some other brands.

As for the soy sauce factory famous of which is soy Maja Menjangan, Withering relatively old age compared to other brands in Majalengka soy sauce, soy sauce Maja this deer was first produced in 1940, by H. Saad Wangsawidjaja, with equipment that is simple and the production is still limited. The taste is creamy, savory and soy sauce without preservatives make this much sought after as souvenirs typical of Majalengka.
H. Saad Wangsawidjaja

If we compare the products Ketchup Majalengka with soy products industry generated large factories, there is a difference in the flavor of soy sauce flavor stung more Majalengka kecapnya compared with soy-sauce large-scale industry, this may be caused expositions Compositions manufacture of soy sauce fermentation during Majalengka. If compared in detail, Majalengka soy sauce flavor permentasinya noticeably sharper, more pronounced taste of black soya. There are unique characteristics of this Menjangan Maja soy sauce, soy sauce product is not wearing a preservative in expositions manufacture.

Maja soy sauce deer are not liquid, dilute such as soy-sauce usually, but rather thick and lumpy, sometimes difficult for us to pour from bottle packaging was so pekatnya ketchup. Recipes and material composition maintained since the Dutch era until now, no leaks recipes from soy manager Maja Pak Oman Menjangan; Black Soybean 100kg, 275Kg palm sugar, salt and water 50 Liter 45kg.
Ketchup Maja Menjangan

Majalengka known as the center of traditional soy sauce, soy sauce factory nearly all wearing traditional equipment in the expositions of manufacture. Furnaces programming interface as utilize firewood kiln, used to boil the soybeans, the use of wood fuel let the taste of soy sauce tasted more savory. There is also a large-sized coal ash wood that serves to mrendam current soybean fermented for 14 days. In addition to equipment still traditional as the typical manufacture of soy sauce Majalengka, also fermented soybeans were soaked in ash wood is considered ketchup different taste compared to soy-sauce large-scale industry.

For those who are interested in this deer Maja soy sauce, you can find in Surya dept and also Jogja Majalengka, central souvenirs Majalengka and market-traditional markets are also usually always available. Production center can be found in Suha Street, 209, Majalengka.

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