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Travel Parayalang Majalengka

Travel Paralayang, Majalengka - Jawa Barat
Want to enjoy the beautiful view Majalengka? panten go up to the mountain top, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the top of Majalengka. Soon will unfold yellow green rice fields, hills mountains, mountain Ciremai that looks elegant and robust, some residential complex. recommendation really.
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entertaining nature paragliding in Majalengka If before, we just enjoy the view of Majalengka is only limited view of the area. Now you can freely enjoy the panorama to fly across several areas. Yes by using the paragliding or hang gliding you can enjoy free and approaching objects beneath.
fly with paragliding in Majalengka As told by satya Winnie bloggers, excitement and fun to use paragliding in Majalengka enjoy views of the city. Location paragliding sites are located in the hills / mountains panten, a small hilly area Munjul districts, about 3 KM from the city Majalengka. First while he was in elementary school, I was a frequent visitor to this mountain to climb with the aim botram, all meals and take home a piece Duwet hehe ..
enjoy the panorama of Majalengka with hang gliding To reach this place, can be started from the SD Munjul. To be able to climb the mountain panten not difficult because it has no access road toward the top of the mountain where paragliding tour begins. not difficult to reach to the top of the mountain this panten, elementary school age children alone could gobble tanjakannya routes and less than 2 hours. In addition to enjoying the sport of paragliding and hang gliding, mountain panten in this also you can enjoy the wildlife, and when in season, mango Gedong lipstick is very famous and fruit Duwet that may be difficult to find in other areas anywhere. Duwet fruit is very unique kind of shapes, sizes and colors. The size of a finger and drupe-like fruits tangkil, if it is already quite mature purple color, sweet taste and texture quite soft
Oh yes, you can try two unrivaled air travel is that paragliding and hang gliding. To enjoy paragliding tandem flight, fares are pretty cheap price of Rp 350 thousand per pax whereas if using Gantolle charged Rp 450 thousand per pax. Cheap enough to be able to see the view / scenery Majalengka with the sensation of flying ala paragliding or hang gliding.
Would you like to fly with paragliding or become superman above the town of Majalengka with hang gliding? Address, price of admission and fees and tips in order to enjoy paragliding Majalengka you can contact directly to Kang Aries Pribaya in HP + 62818-0936-0505 / + 62812-2403-7531. Enjoy the view from the top of the mountain Majalengka panten to fly
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