Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tourist Attraction Curug Sawer Majalengka, West Java In Indonesia

The beauty of Curug Sawer Majalengka, Places Beautiful - Did you know about the hidden waterfall beautiful sawer that terlatak in Majalengka? Curug that enter into the territory of Majalengka, West Java is one of the attractions are still undeveloped and only a few people who know this place. Given a location still to be reached on foot will certainly be very exciting especially for those of you who have an adventurous spirit. Curug is still beautiful and unspoiled beauty of the development of this promising natural scenery certainly will not be less interesting to other tourist attractions. It is because of this waterfall has the hallmark of which is still very natural, so if you are in the neighborhood Curug Sawer you will feel the natural atmosphere sesunggahnya. This waterfall is very suitable as a medium for those who want tranquility and closer to nature. The following will explain more about Curug Sawer hidden, and the data that we can get is as follows: 
Location Curug Sawer MajalengkaAir tejun or Curug Sawer is located kampong Apuy Majalengka, precisely located in the village of Argomukti are included in the districts of Argapura Majalengka in West Java Province
Nature waterfall Tonjong West Java, Indonesia
Travel Beautiful Places in Majalengka, West Java In Indonesia
Transportation Curug Sawer Majalengka 
The location where this tour is about 10km east of the city Maja. Can be reached by public transportation from the terminal Maja Argalingga leading into the village and can be reached by motorcycle taxi service that has been provided around the terminal. But for those of you who have their own vehicle would be more practical to get to the location. Arriving in the location you have walked the path amid the plantation of vegetables and pulses. Cost to enter the waterfall is not charged this is due to the distance and access is still difficult to be reached.Amenities Curug Sawer MajalengkaBecause the road is still unstable and not the construction of adequate facilities, the waterfall is still not classified in the attraction that has dikelolaseperti many other attractions.Hopefully this article on the hidden Curug Sawer can be useful and can provide inspiration tourist sites you will visit when vacation time has arrived. Ohy yes there is a wide waterfall with the same name with Curug Sawer in Majalengka, namely Curug Sawer Cililin, where mountains, offerings, Ciomas, Cianjur, Ciapus, Pandeglang, arrowroot. Do not be mistaken ya .. In addition to Curug Sawer Majalengka travel you can also visit other tourist attractions, for example Majalengka Curug Majalengka Indah Jaya Muara

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