Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tea Gardens Cipasung Majalengka, West Java In Indonesia

Pick Tea at Tea Gardens Cipasung Majalengka, Beautiful Places - you like tea? If yes, this name certainly no stranger in your mind, "Tea Gardens Cipasung". As you know, this is the tea gardens were then planted tea slopes are located in areas Cipasung, Majalengka, West Java. However, for a deeper knowing these places, I will provide through this article about the Joy of Tea Picking at Tea Gardens Cipasung:

  1. The natural beauty of Tea Gardens Cipasung Majalengka: You can enjoy the tea garden that you will not surrounded in just 1 day only because this tea garden covers 58 hectares. In addition, you can also visit the tea leaf drying plant located in the area there, while looking for new knowledge about the tea leaves. During the trip, you are guaranteed not to be too late for the right-left there is a green that slopes up and down. The air was too cool so if you sit there might be drowsy and fell asleep. However, it is advisable if you want to go there, align your vacation moment at harvest tea, as you can see farmers picking tea straight from the tree. 
  2. Location dan Transportasi Cipasung Majalengka Tea Gardens: Located in the village Cipasung, District Lemahsugih (+59 Km from Majalengka). There is no public transport to get there directly, so you are encouraged to bring a two-wheeler because natural conditions up and down. Your bike can be deposited in small stalls around the garden.
  3. Rates Cipasung Majalengka Tea Garden: The entrance fee is relatively cheap area, only Rp. 5.000 / person. Transportation problems, depending on what you bring the vehicle.

So first, Fun gleaning information about Tea at Tea Gardens Cipasung I present to you. May be useful.

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