Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Jatiwangi Art Factory (JAF)

Jatiwangi Art Factory (JAF) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the study of the local life of the countryside through arts and cultural activities are also the creative industry such as festivals, art shows, art exhibitions, music, videos and films, ceramics, artist residency, monthly discussion, broadcast radio and education. Jatiwangi Art Factory can be found in the village Jatisura, District Jatiwangi, District Majalengka, West Java Province.
This community was founded in 2005. As since 2008 in cooperation with the Village Administration Jatisura to research and research using contemporary art collaborative involvement and inter-related.

At first the name Jatiwangi International Performing Artist-in-Residence Festival (2006), a residency organized in three villages in the area Jatiwangi. In 2010 turned into Jatiwangi Artists-in-Residence Festival and in 2012 became the Festival Residencies Jatiwangi. The festival seeks to create awareness of contemporary art practice and open up the possibility of creative activity. In addition to bridging relationships and encounters between artists and the settlement of the locals, the festival opens international networks for future Jatiwangi. Festival committee in charge of connecting the artist and his host. Guest-host concept is intended to let out the boundaries of art practices and encourage the creation of works of art that reflect the ideas, traditions, and issues of the local community, combined with the ideas and artistic practice of the artists settlements. Participants will also explore the relationship patterns of traditional-modern, rural-urban, global-local, and others. This festival celebrates the creation of contemporary art in everyday life, and her art closer to the public. The festival takes place in two stages. The first phase is the period when the artist residency settlement and locals alike will explore ideas, work, and discuss possibilities of appearance. Its activities are meetings, talk-shows, workshops, and visit programs. The second stage is the festival. Here the artists and the host will display their work.
This festival is dalah international biennial video festival organized by art Jatiwangi Factory and Sunday Screen (group video maker from Bandung). Participants are invited to attend a two-week residency and were placed in a number of villages and houses, in collaboration with residents and village officials, and then create a video to be played at the end of the festival. In this festival the villagers to be a partner and friend of the artist settlements. Residents also are trained to map the various contradictions and problems they face daily. The video will be a window to see what is happening in our lives. Here's how to document the life of the village.
This music festival will involve artists settlements and host. During the two-week settlement artists will collaborate with the local population, both the idea and the opportunity as a viewer, to create ceramic musical instruments at the festival later. The results of this collaboration will be displayed in the music scene at the end of the festival.

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