Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Curug Tonjong in West Java, Indonesia

Enjoyed Curug Tonjong Majalengka, Nature Beautiful, Places Beautiful - For those urban communities that must have been very saturated with everyday activities that sometimes makes you depressed, maybe it would be nice if you indulge for a moment to go to the place where you have not visited before. With traveled mind will be calmer and certainly will be more focused in the face of increasingly severe employment challenges. one of the natural attractions that you should visit as a means of relieving stress as well as leisure holiday filler is Curug Tonjong. Curug is entered into the National Park area of ​​Mount Ciremai offers a landscape of beautiful atmosphere coupled with a purposely built bamboo bridges to enable you and other visitors to be more liberal in soaking up the scenery. This waterfall has yag crystal clear water and not too swift. Decorated rocks that adorns along mountain streams adds to the impression becomes more vivid and beautiful. Cold river water would make any eye wants to feel the coolness. No wonder so many people say that this waterfall is different from the others even though not many people who come to visit because of their ignorance about this place. The following information about Curug Tonjong.

Location Curug Tonjong

Curug Tonjong location of the object is precisely located in the village of Tejah that beada Rajagaluh city districts in the region of Majalengka, West Java.For the location Curug Tonjong access road provided adequate. This is because the structure of adequate road and transportation are easily available, for visitors to this attraction you can travel by public transport department Majalengka towards Rajagaluh, followed by using the services of motorcycle taxis that have tesedia on base motorcycle in the market Rajagaluh trip average can takes about 25 minutes.
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Ticket costs Curug Tonjong

To enter this attraction you will be charged Rp 10,000 per person is included parking the vehicle.
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Amenities Curug Tonjong

Curug Tonjong still do not have the facilities are not sufficient to support as one of the attractions.
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