Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Curug Muara Jaya Majalengka, West Java In Indonesia

Curug Muara Jaya Majalengka Beautiful, Beautiful Places - Curug is the designation for a waterfall by most people in West Java. West Java is famous for its natural lush with natural forests are still awake. Jawa Barat Being one tourist destination visited by tourists. They came to visit the mountains because nature wants to feel the coolness of fresh air. One that can be presented on the tour besides the beautiful scenery is the beauty of the waterfall. One that you can visit along with friends or relatives Jaya Muara waterfall is located in Majalengka. This waterfall is very lovely and beautiful, so you will feel the atmosphere and landscape of different sensation than others. Here is the complete data about Curug Muara Jaya that we can muster as follows:

Location Curug Muara Jaya Majalengka:
Air tejun or Curug Muara Jaya is located kampong Apuy Majalengka, precisely located in the village of Argomukti included in Majalengka Argapura districts of West Java Province.

Tourist Attraction Curug Sawer Majalengka, West Java In Indonesia

Curug Transport Muara Jaya Majalengka
Pera for visitors who want to visit tourist attractions can be reached by motor vehicle or by private car yag can sign near the site. However, if you depart from the town line Majalengka you should stop by Maja in the small town center of vegetables in Majalengka, from the city of Maja continued towards the village of Arga Lingga you should be careful because the road is narrow and difficult to pass by a 4-wheel, if passed, the road uphill and winding.
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Amenities Curug Muara Jaya Majalengka 
Has provided stalls that provide food and drink around the tourist sites, but it also provided are Cammping Ground, parking lot, restrooms, prayer room and a playground area for children. 
Cost Curug Muara Jaya MajalengkaEntering this tourist area you will be charged an entrance fee of Rp 6,000 per person. Parking for RP.2000 for motor vehicles and Rp 3500 if you want to camp near a waterfallGood information about Curug Muara Jaya Majalengaka can add a reference to your family getaways. Tips you should prepare your vehicle as possible so that your family trip fun and do not forget to prepare your stamina given the mountain road is uphill and winding. If you are from out of town would be a good idea to prepare a map to Curug Muara Jaya Majalengka. That is all and thank you.

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