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In Majalengka there are dozens of soy sauce factory various brand of cottage industry, which is growing since many years ago, just a pity because a variety of factors, especially the prices of basic materials maker of soy sauce which are expensive and the protection of local products which overlooked the government, now factories ketchup in Majalengka can be counted on the fingers. Many are out of business, and which survive today only that already have names like, Maja Menjangan, Triangle Cap, Cap Sun (Tjoen Teng) and Cap Sate (Anton) and also some other brands.

As for the soy sauce factory famous of which is soy Maja Menjangan, Withering relatively old age compared to other brands in Majalengka soy sauce, soy sauce Maja this deer was first produced in 1940, by H. Saad Wangsawidjaja, with equipment that is simple and the production is still limited. The taste is creamy, savory and soy sauce without preservatives make this much sought after as souvenirs typical of Majalengka.
H. Saad Wangsawidjaja

If we compare the products Ketchup Majalengka with soy products industry generated large factories, there is a difference in the flavor of soy sauce flavor stung more Majalengka kecapnya compared with soy-sauce large-scale industry, this may be caused expositions Compositions manufacture of soy sauce fermentation during Majalengka. If compared in detail, Majalengka soy sauce flavor permentasinya noticeably sharper, more pronounced taste of black soya. There are unique characteristics of this Menjangan Maja soy sauce, soy sauce product is not wearing a preservative in expositions manufacture.

Maja soy sauce deer are not liquid, dilute such as soy-sauce usually, but rather thick and lumpy, sometimes difficult for us to pour from bottle packaging was so pekatnya ketchup. Recipes and material composition maintained since the Dutch era until now, no leaks recipes from soy manager Maja Pak Oman Menjangan; Black Soybean 100kg, 275Kg palm sugar, salt and water 50 Liter 45kg.
Ketchup Maja Menjangan

Majalengka known as the center of traditional soy sauce, soy sauce factory nearly all wearing traditional equipment in the expositions of manufacture. Furnaces programming interface as utilize firewood kiln, used to boil the soybeans, the use of wood fuel let the taste of soy sauce tasted more savory. There is also a large-sized coal ash wood that serves to mrendam current soybean fermented for 14 days. In addition to equipment still traditional as the typical manufacture of soy sauce Majalengka, also fermented soybeans were soaked in ash wood is considered ketchup different taste compared to soy-sauce large-scale industry.

For those who are interested in this deer Maja soy sauce, you can find in Surya dept and also Jogja Majalengka, central souvenirs Majalengka and market-traditional markets are also usually always available. Production center can be found in Suha Street, 209, Majalengka.

Protected Forest Patilasan Prabu Siliwangi

Protected Forest Patilasan Prabu Siliwangi

Protected Forest Patilasan Prabu Siliwangi is located in the Village Pajajar, District Rajagaluh with broad reach +3 Ha built in 2000/2001. The distance from the center to the location of Attraction Majalengka + 21km. Patilasan Prabu Siliwangi in ancient times was a resting place of King Siliwangi and reportedly said according to the surrounding community is a place of the disappearance of King Siliwangi. In this tourist area, there are two talaga (Talaga Talaga Gold and board) which is considered holy water by the surrounding community and visitors, so before performing rituals in the Patilasan visitors must clean bathroom in the two talaga. Besides talaga and Patilasan Prabu Siliwangi, this tourist region there is also a relic of bamboo trees soekarno that from year to year amounted to 5 pieces (growing 1 dead 1) as well as the swimming baths for visitors. Besides the natural beauty, visitors can see wild monkeys around this area and a variety of rare species of fish found in pond Cikahuripan. Also in this area there outbound arena (camping), the pool and there Cipadung directly adjacent to the Village Sindang Indrakila Subdistrict.

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Jatiwangi Art Factory (JAF)

Jatiwangi Art Factory (JAF) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the study of the local life of the countryside through arts and cultural activities are also the creative industry such as festivals, art shows, art exhibitions, music, videos and films, ceramics, artist residency, monthly discussion, broadcast radio and education. Jatiwangi Art Factory can be found in the village Jatisura, District Jatiwangi, District Majalengka, West Java Province.
This community was founded in 2005. As since 2008 in cooperation with the Village Administration Jatisura to research and research using contemporary art collaborative involvement and inter-related.

At first the name Jatiwangi International Performing Artist-in-Residence Festival (2006), a residency organized in three villages in the area Jatiwangi. In 2010 turned into Jatiwangi Artists-in-Residence Festival and in 2012 became the Festival Residencies Jatiwangi. The festival seeks to create awareness of contemporary art practice and open up the possibility of creative activity. In addition to bridging relationships and encounters between artists and the settlement of the locals, the festival opens international networks for future Jatiwangi. Festival committee in charge of connecting the artist and his host. Guest-host concept is intended to let out the boundaries of art practices and encourage the creation of works of art that reflect the ideas, traditions, and issues of the local community, combined with the ideas and artistic practice of the artists settlements. Participants will also explore the relationship patterns of traditional-modern, rural-urban, global-local, and others. This festival celebrates the creation of contemporary art in everyday life, and her art closer to the public. The festival takes place in two stages. The first phase is the period when the artist residency settlement and locals alike will explore ideas, work, and discuss possibilities of appearance. Its activities are meetings, talk-shows, workshops, and visit programs. The second stage is the festival. Here the artists and the host will display their work.
This festival is dalah international biennial video festival organized by art Jatiwangi Factory and Sunday Screen (group video maker from Bandung). Participants are invited to attend a two-week residency and were placed in a number of villages and houses, in collaboration with residents and village officials, and then create a video to be played at the end of the festival. In this festival the villagers to be a partner and friend of the artist settlements. Residents also are trained to map the various contradictions and problems they face daily. The video will be a window to see what is happening in our lives. Here's how to document the life of the village.
This music festival will involve artists settlements and host. During the two-week settlement artists will collaborate with the local population, both the idea and the opportunity as a viewer, to create ceramic musical instruments at the festival later. The results of this collaboration will be displayed in the music scene at the end of the festival.

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Travel Parayalang Majalengka

Travel Paralayang, Majalengka - Jawa Barat
Want to enjoy the beautiful view Majalengka? panten go up to the mountain top, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the top of Majalengka. Soon will unfold yellow green rice fields, hills mountains, mountain Ciremai that looks elegant and robust, some residential complex. recommendation really.
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entertaining nature paragliding in Majalengka If before, we just enjoy the view of Majalengka is only limited view of the area. Now you can freely enjoy the panorama to fly across several areas. Yes by using the paragliding or hang gliding you can enjoy free and approaching objects beneath.
fly with paragliding in Majalengka As told by satya Winnie bloggers, excitement and fun to use paragliding in Majalengka enjoy views of the city. Location paragliding sites are located in the hills / mountains panten, a small hilly area Munjul districts, about 3 KM from the city Majalengka. First while he was in elementary school, I was a frequent visitor to this mountain to climb with the aim botram, all meals and take home a piece Duwet hehe ..
enjoy the panorama of Majalengka with hang gliding To reach this place, can be started from the SD Munjul. To be able to climb the mountain panten not difficult because it has no access road toward the top of the mountain where paragliding tour begins. not difficult to reach to the top of the mountain this panten, elementary school age children alone could gobble tanjakannya routes and less than 2 hours. In addition to enjoying the sport of paragliding and hang gliding, mountain panten in this also you can enjoy the wildlife, and when in season, mango Gedong lipstick is very famous and fruit Duwet that may be difficult to find in other areas anywhere. Duwet fruit is very unique kind of shapes, sizes and colors. The size of a finger and drupe-like fruits tangkil, if it is already quite mature purple color, sweet taste and texture quite soft
Oh yes, you can try two unrivaled air travel is that paragliding and hang gliding. To enjoy paragliding tandem flight, fares are pretty cheap price of Rp 350 thousand per pax whereas if using Gantolle charged Rp 450 thousand per pax. Cheap enough to be able to see the view / scenery Majalengka with the sensation of flying ala paragliding or hang gliding.
Would you like to fly with paragliding or become superman above the town of Majalengka with hang gliding? Address, price of admission and fees and tips in order to enjoy paragliding Majalengka you can contact directly to Kang Aries Pribaya in HP + 62818-0936-0505 / + 62812-2403-7531. Enjoy the view from the top of the mountain Majalengka panten to fly
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Sunday, November 20, 2016

5 sites in western Java frequented

Here are 10 sites in West Java which is worth visiting:
  • Pantai Pelabuhan Ratu 

Located on the south coast of West Java, Pelabuhan Ratu beach, popular for its beaches which have the characteristics of big waves and strong, very suitable for surfing. In Pelabuhan Ratu beach, there are hotel facilities, from large and luxurious to small and cheap. Along the coast you can find many seafood restaurants. Local communities also have confidence in Ratu Kidul, ruler of the southern sea.

  • Taman Wisata Mekarsari

    Mekarsari located in Bogor, is one of the largest tropical fruit preservation center in the world with an area of 264 hectares. Besides being a place of research and cultivation of seeds, this place is also a tourist spot in West Java which is suitable for all ages. Besides having a very complete collection of plants, Mekarsari can also be a means of education suitable for children, a family picnic, tour the orchard, vegetable garden travel, and corporate events.
  •   Taman Bunga Nusantara

Taman Bunga Nusantara within 2 hours of DKI Jakarta is a flower garden covering an area of 23 hectares. Here, in addition to thousands of species of flowers, there are also entertainment facilities are very suitable for a family as a natural vehicle for the imagination, a mini-theater, swan lake, garden maze, musical fountain, carpets of flowers, the rose garden, and others. Taman Bunga Nusantara also has a picnic spot for your picnic with the family, and a viewing tower that serves to see the beauty of the park as a whole.
  • Curug Cikaso

Curug Cikaso is a large and beautiful waterfall located in Sukabumi. Curug Cikaso 3 has an adjoining waterfall with a height of about 80 meters and a width of about 100 meter cliff. If the sun is shining, there is a possibility you could see a small rainbow in this waterfall. Waterfall waterfall tourist locations Cikaso near Beach Edge tiles.
  • Pantai Ujung Genteng

    Coastal Edge tiles are located in Sukabumi is about 200 kilometers from Jakarta. It terunik of Coastal Edge tiles is that you can enjoy the sunrise and sunset at a single location. Coastal Edge Tile is a suitable location for surfing because the waves characteristic of the south coast are big and strong. The beach is also favored by turtles, lots of turtles come to this beach so you can see turtles here. In August, many turtles that nest on this beach.

    Tourist attractions in West Java is a lot, if you have the opportunity to visit then there is no harm in trying. Spend free time or vacations do not have far to go abroad, but also that we can enjoy in a location that is close to Jakarta. Tourist attractions in West Java are not less good with tourist attractions abroad!